Tips to Saving Money on Your Move - Rich’s Money $$ Saving Hints

Here are a few suggestions, which will save you real money on your local move.

1. Pack all dishes, books, and linens yourself in a closed top, sealed box with tape! The better job you do packing items in sealed up taped boxes the quicker the job can get done. Rich Nelson Moving Services has free wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes at the day of the move.

2. You can use the wardrobe boxes to pack bedding, towels and large light items on moving day. The crew will unload the wardrobe boxes for you at the start of the move, and you can load them in one room while they are moving furniture out of the other rooms.

3. Disconnect and bundle all cords and remotes on TV’s and stereo components.

4. Drawers can be left filled with light clothes in the dresser. Remove all valuables and breakables from the dresser drawers and nightstands.

5. Disconnect all appliances – Turn off gas, water and drain hoses on washer. Rich Nelson Moving Services CAN NOT provide these services.

6. Arrange a parking space for the moving truck (most moves are done with a 26' bobtail truck) at both pickup and delivery locations. Parking your autos on the street will reserve a space for Rich Nelson Moving Services. Long carries take extra time and are costly.

7. Carry backyard items to the front or into the garage so they can be easily loaded.

8. Depending on how much effort you want to do in preparing for the move, you can stage boxes and small items in the garage to make the move quicker.

9. Prepare your house for moving day. Tie back gates, screen doors and remove doors when necessary. Sometimes the doors from a refrigerator will need to be removed to fit through the doorways. Try and remember what problems you had moving in, so you can advise the movers before they start.

10. Remove dresser mirrors and break down bed frames (if possible). Our crews carry a complete set of tools to do the job, but if it's already done it will save time.

11. Remove all glass shelves from hutch’s, curio cabinets, etc.

12. Move smaller mirrors, pictures and cartons yourself before moving day (if possible).

13. Moving a load of pictures and fragile items in your car will save you money, but if you try to start shuttling boxes in your car before the move, the time and effort involved is not worth it. The crew can fit 3-4 boxes on a dolly, and make a quick run to the truck, while your car can only hold 5-6 boxes total. It's not economical to move standard boxes yourself unless you are already going to your new home.

14. Plan and measure your furniture where it will be placed in your new home. Don’t waste time shifting furniture around on moving day. We will gladly move and arrange your furniture until it's just right, but it will end up costing you more.

15. Reserve elevators with Apartment Managers. Check to see if the Apartment Manager can pad their elevator for you (we will do it otherwise).

16. If possible, stack neatly as many closed and sealed boxes in garage with easy access to the moving truck on moving day.

The worst possible thing you can do is to be completely unprepared when the movers arrive on moving day. If there are dishes on the table, knick knacks on the dressers and you're just starting to pack boxes as the movers are coming in the house, the cost of a move will go up quite a bit from the original estimates.

All local moving jobs are based on time and the estimates are based on you being prepared. We won't abandon the job if you're not prepared, but the movers will inform you that the costs will go up from the initial estimate before the job starts.